Market demand has enabled COUTINHO & FILHOS, Lda. to achieve a high level of development and a specialised performance in cellulose plants, more specifically in the areas of pulp and paper, in parallel with the construction and assembly of metallic structures, tanks, piping, pressurised equipment, machinery, etc.

The vast amount of work the company deals with can be broken down into 5 different areas, namely:

In relation to this area we have designed, built and installed stainless steel alloy, duplex steel, carbon steel and special steel equipment geared to high temperatures, many of which are coated as protection against process contaminants

Pressurised equipment such as: heat exchangers, tanks, with and without agitation systems, with heating and hydraulic and filter systems, designed mainly for pulp and chemical plants in both Portugal and abroad.

This is our speciality and comprises the design, construction and installation of the smallest to large-scale tanks.

The in situ construction system generally the hydraulic process, using a range of materials with and without heating, and painted and coated thermally.

We design, construct and install metallic structures for a wide range of purposes.

In this area we can point to our 60 years "know-how " in conjunction with our partners/customers.

We have acquired expertise in the fields of pulp and paper, cement, and a wide range of chemical industries.

The most noteworthy of a vast selection of equipment includes conveyors, filters, hoppers and chassis, in addition to other items ordered by our customers.

We develop tailor-made solutions in accordance with the customer´s requirements, thereby establishing a relationship of trust.

Due to a solid relationship with foreign engineering companies which handle some of our customers´ solutions, we are entrusted with performing the assembly and maintenance of sophisticated equipment and the connection of the same with major piping and structural installations.