• Dimensions of 1.50m, 2.00m, 3.00m, 5.00m between centers
  • Lathe expandable up to 11m in length and with a diameter of 2.10m.

Computerised bending machine for plate

  • Up to 12mm thick and 4m in length.

Guillotine for plate

  • Up to 8mm thick and 3m in length.


  • 10m by 2.5m oxyfuel and plasma

Hydraulic calender roller

  • for plate up to 28 mm thick and 2.5 m wide.

Calender roller for bending profiles.

Milling machines, radial boring machines.

Welding equipment

  • SMAW-SER-111
  • FCAW-MIG/MAG-136/138
  • GMAW-MIG/MAG-135/136
  • GTAW-TIG-141

Micro-spray alloy gun

Quality Control Equipment:

  • Computerised balancing machine
    • 0.2kg to 2000kg
  • LASER alignment equipment
  • Ultrasound paint thickness measuring equipment.
  • Hardness measuring equipment.
  • Micrometers / calipers
  • Induction machine for mounting bearings.
  • Electric pumps for conducting hydraulic tests.

Conveyor and transportation equipment:

  • Including fork-lifts, a fleet of passenger and goods vehicles, containers, workshop, etc.